Weight loss is a daunting and frustrating journey. It’s filled with twists and turns, obstacles and pitfalls that make you wonder if it is all worth it. It makes you search for easy ways out and it makes you fall for the gimmicks of magic pills or crash diets. You lose sight of your goal and you focus on the difficulty of the challenges in front of you.
Weight loss turns to regret and anger. We want to lose weight with such ferocity that we lose sight of ourselves. We begin to think of weight loss as something bad, as a hassle. We see all the ways this weight loss journey is a hindrance on our time , on our budget, and our self worth.
We should not feel ashamed of ourselves and our bodies when we seek our weight loss goals. We should feel proud and excited of the journey we have embarked on, but we don’t. We are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of making ourselves look foolish.
We think of all those excuses as we look for that elusive weight loss goal. We think of how hard this is, how horrible working out is, how expensive it is to eat healthy, how you’re going lose a few pounds before you sign up for a gym, how you just don’t have the time, and how you’re just so tired after work. That is all these are, excuses.
We create all these obstacles for ourselves before we even begin. Obstacles are the things you see when you lose focus of your goal. As if weight loss wasn’t difficult enough on its own, you’re already setting limits for yourself. Yes, these are all valid arguments, but they are also things that can be achieved if you prioritize them. After all, eating out is more expensive than cooking your own meals. Instead of buying new designer clothes, or going out for drinks, why don’t you invest in yourself? Weight loss is not a luxury. Weight loss is an investment in yourself and your quality of life. Weight loss should be your priority.
Weight loss should be sought not merely for aesthetic reasons, which many of us have, but for achieving a healthy lifestyle. We are all beautiful in our own ways. But not everyone is healthy. It’s not about how many pounds you have to lose, it’s about being healthy enough to not have to struggle with everyday activities.
Weight loss is a subjective thing. You can be a 38 year old male with only a couple of pounds on you but you run out of breath running after your kids for a minute, or you can be 29 year old female, 50 pounds overweight that can dance to her heart’s content one minute but can barely get through a flight of stairs the next. No matter who you are, or on which side of the spectrum you lie, weight loss should be something to reach for.
Weight loss is something that will take time and dedication. It will take perseverance and commitment. Weight loss time frames all depend on the work that you put in, how hard you work out, how honest you are with cleaning up your diet, and even genetics. As with anything, what you put in is what you get out of it.
Weight loss is a mind over matter challenge. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone. It’s about pushing your body past the boundaries of your mind. It’s about achieving and doing things you never thought possible. It’s about living a better life.
There will be days in your weight loss journey that you will feel like quitting. You can’t give into that. There will be days when you feel like you can’t go on anymore. There will be days you’ll eat bad. There will be workouts you will miss. There will simply be days that you will stay in bed when you should be running instead. These are not reasons to stop. Reboot yourself and go at it again. A fault in your step is no reason to give up.
Your weight loss goal should be about tearing down the walls of your mind and becoming more. Becoming more than you have ever been. Stop being afraid of your own body. Learn instead, how to be one with your body. How to do the things your body was designed to do. Stop being afraid and instead embrace the feeling of being able to live a full life where you are not tied down by insecurities, be they physical or mental.
Let us be part of your weight loss journey. Let us show you the way to a healthier you. Let us help you become more. Here at Mind, Body & Soul Fitness we can design a program that specifically targets your goals and problem areas.
Let Mind, Body & Soul Fitness guide you every step of the way. We provide a comprehensive fitness assessment during your first session. Body composition and measurements are recorded to keep you on track. Personal Training let’s you experience one on one training with one of our Certified Personal Trainers who will compose workouts geared specifically for you. Or become a part of one of our Bootcamps where you will train in a group setting for an hour three times a week. Join one of our Martial Arts classes to boost your confidence. Tired of treadmills and ellipticals but need to get your cardio in? Start a kickboxing class, a fun efficient way to lose weight and increase cardiovascular health.
Here at Mind, Body & Soul Fitness we can make weight loss into not only something achievable but into a fun outlet against the tedious monotony of every day life. Allow us to welcome you into our family. Let us show you how far you can get when you are surrounded by those who share the same goals. Together we can get beyond the limits of your mind. Together we will become more.